Monday, December 30, 2013

Funny kids

After picking Aaron and Maggie up one day after school, Maggie was whining and being generally unhappy.  I said to her, "Maggie, if you don't stop whining you know what is going to happen when we get home."  And Aaron pipes up and says, "Yeah Maggie, you'll be G-O-I-N-G  T-O  B-E-D."  Tim and I often spell things aloud that we don't want the kids to hear, so Aaron did some spelling aloud himself!  I just about died laughing, but I was so impressed that he could spell 3 words in a row with perfect fluency- he didn't even have to stop to think about how to spell them!  Guess our spelling aloud days are about over!

Aaron was telling me about his day at school and said this:  "Allie is the best reader in our class, Mom.  She can read the whole book without any help!  She's a good speller too- she can even spell the word gypsy and I don't even know what that word means!" 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aaron and Maggie -isms

Aaron wanted me to build legos with him, Maggie wanted me to play babies with her,  but I needed to fold some laundry.  So I told them that I needed to get my work done and then I would play with them.
Aaron:  Mom, since you said that doing laundry is your work, does that mean that you get paid for it?
Me:  No, it's just part of the work that I do for our family.
Aaron:  No mom, that's not true.  Sometimes you find money in Dads pants when you do laundry, so you DO get paid!

Maggie farted and told me "Mom, I just tooted a magical toot!"  I laughed so hard that now she says it every time!  (They also call a toot a poofer, because Tim told them that's what they used to call it when you toot in the water!)

Recently we visited the Museum of Science and Industry and they kids were able to do one of the science projects, which was making flubber from glue, borax and water. Goo is a polymer, meaning that it has some characteristics of a liquid and some of a solid.  A few weeks later, Aaron was talking about these baby carrots that he likes that are thin.  He was explaining that they aren't really hard and they aren't really soft.  Then I could practically see the light bulb go off in his head and he said, "Mom, are these carrots like polymers then?"

We were at Toys R'Us looking around at the toys.  Maggie and Aaron always want to go in different directions, so usually Tim and Aaron go to to the Legos and Maggie and I go look at the girly stuff.  I was following Maggie around, browsing through the toys myself, when Maggie turned to me and said, "Mom, sometimes I just want to be leaved alone."  I tried to keep a straight face while explaining to her that she could be "leaved alone" at home, but not at the toy store!

Maggie currently refers to her nipples as "nibbles'!  This cracks me up every time!

Maggie's prayers the other night really had me laughing!  She said, "Dear God, thank you for the house, the sidewalks, the sidewalk chalk, the clocks (one in Aaron's room and one in Mama & Daddy's room), the owls, and the birds. Amen"  She just started praying for everything she could see!

Aaron said to Maggie, "Mags, no matter where you are- I will always invite you to my birthday party."

Maggie was dressed up like a witch for Halloween this year.  When we were out trick or treating, someone said to her, "You are such a cute little witch." She turned to them and said "Thank you- I am a good witch, you know."

Monday, August 26, 2013

Maggie's first day of 3 year old preschool

August 26, 2013- First day of preschool at St John's Lutheran School

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aaron's first day of kindergarten

August 22nd, 2013- Aaron's first day of kindergarten!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random end of the summer fun!

Morning muffin making
Painting outside on the patio
Making a mess-terpiece!

Making a drum set from old paint cans in the messy garage!

Enjoying some shave ice at Tropical Snow!

Smilin' in her shades!
Princess Maggie
Lunch at the Train Restaurant with Connor, Sawyer, Asher, and Lucien
Playing at Connor & Sawyer's house
Lunch in the backyard
Maggie always has to wear the "monkey backpack" when she visits!

Aaron shows off his soccer jersey!

Aaron & Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn and Emily

Friday, August 9, 2013


Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer get-together with the girls and kids in FD

The little ladies- Maggie, Claire, and Isabelle
Having ice cream at Nettie's - "girls" table (plus Benny)
"Boys" table (plus Mamas)
We have quite the gaggle of children between the 5 of us!
The Johnson kids- Ella, Lilly, and Eli
The Pfaltzgraff boys- Reed and Drake
Coenen cuties- Aaron & Maggie
Thompson kiddos- Brett and Claire
Playing outside in the wagon
Gathering corn and other veggies from the garden
Amy is giving a lesson on what to pick and what to leave!

Reed loves Millie!
Drake found a good one!
This is the best we could do for a group photo!